Linking MyJohnDeere (MyJD) allows seamless transfer of data between PCT and MyJD platforms.

To start, ensure you are logged into your MyJD account in a separate window

Linking your MyJohn Deere account to PCT is all managed through the My Settings page on the website.

Drop down your login name in the top right corner

    - My Settings

    - Select "MyJohnDeere" tab, and select "Link User"

     - Follow the onscreen prompts

Note: It may trigger and require the MyJohnDeere Organization owner to grant access to their data with PCT Agcloud

Connections to the Operations Center gives you and your customers the ability too quickly and easily to share data.  

It gives you a simple way to make software  connections to only the Operations Center organizations that need them. 

You can check connections by clicking  "Check PCT access to John Deere Organizations". 

To manage connections simply click "Manage organizations at John Deere Operations Center "    

For details on required permissions that need to be set in MyJohnDeere, see the following article - MyJD Permissions